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XRP markets

900+ XRP markets across almost 300 exchanges

XRP ecosystem

Companies, platforms, merchants that accept or utilized XRP

Ripple ecosystem

A list containing all the known Ripple partners, customers or companies that have tested any of Ripple's products.

About XRParcade

XRParcade aims to become a central hub of information about XRP and everything related to it. With so much missinformation, FUD and hype out there, its difficult to keep track of what's real and what is not. Here, you have the opportunity to get access to raw information about:
- XRP, Ripple and places to learn more about them, especially through the XRP community.
- Confirmed news of listings, partnerships, etc.
- The most complete list of XRP markets.
- Companies that accept, use or support XRP.
- Ripple's ecosystem.
- Stats and information about the XRP ledger.
- Upcoming events and important dates.
- And more...

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Leonidas is a blockchain enthusiast, passionate about XRP and determined to try to keep up with developments. It's a hell of a task!
Leonidas Hadjiloizou
Leonidas Hadjiloizou

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