XRParcade is dedicated to providing facts and data to the broader crypto community. This information can be used by newcomers to get to know of XRP as well as seasoned crypto holders to access XRP’s history. Our mission is to provide the XRP community with news, content, and tools for the XRP Ledger.


Leonidas founded XRParcade. He handles content added on all pages and covers news regarding Ripple and XRP. He likes to research the Ripple and XRP ecosystems and some consider him an XRP historian. He is one of the few XRP community members that attended Swell in Singapore.


Stefanos is a fintech startup CTO and an engineer at Toptal. He has been following the digital assets space since its inception and believes XRP to be one of the few assets that will have long lasting impact. He enables the tech behind XRPArcade and its projects and provides advising.

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