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The challenge

Aesthetes aims to “democratize” art, making it easily accessible as heritage “of all”, creating an ecosystem that supports the market by opening up new possibilities. Accessibility will open countless doors, such as the promotion of new emerging artists, the increase in interest in art and exhibitions, the opening of the market to new potential investors, the increase in the cultural level and therefore a greater perception of the artistic heritage.


  • Provide an intrinsic link between physical and digital art that will be created by realizing NFTs based on physical masterpieces.
  • Make the market more liquid and transparent, giving the possibility to everyone to buy or sell NFTs in a simple and fast way.
  • Create a NFT marketplace letting immediate and secure transactions.
  • Support initiatives of cultural awareness.

The XRPCommunity, using their Elysians (ELS), will be able to choose the NFTs to drop.

For this reason the XRP community and anyone who opens a trustline toward rHXuEaRYnnJHbDeuBH5w8yPh5uwNVh5zAg will receive an equal amount of ELS. The total amount being divided is 510,000,000 ELS.


Total supply: 1,000,000,000 ELS


Airdrop: 510,000,000 ELS

Elysian Partner Adoption Program: 100,000,000 ELS

NFTs staking and rewarding program: 200,000,000 ELS

Future adoptions: 190,000,000 ELS

Trade ELS

You can trade ELS on the XRPL DEX using XRP Toolkit.


Next steps