The XRP community has often been the target of accusations by maximalists and other communities that they are an “army of bots”. This is a baseless accusation, originating from their frustration from the sheer size and commitment of the XRP community.

There is a bot army, however, and its a malicious one. The XRP community has been flooded by fake twitter accounts impersonating influential members of the community or actual Ripple employees. These accounts are scamming crypto holders out of their holdings, harming the whole space in the process, but little is being done to address this issue, both by other communities and by twitter. On the contrary, twitter has been suspending infuential XRP community members instead!

These accounts start by blocking the people they are impersonating, so that they can’t see their comments. After that, they promote their scams by sharing a scam on their comments on twitter, making people think that its the original account sharing it. In the past, the impersonators only commented underneath the original account’s tweets. Lately their tactic has changed. The impersonators no longer do that. On the contrary, they comment only on other XRP community members’ tweets. This makes it even more difficult to spot these accounts and do something about it.

So how can we tell its an impersonator?

They use the same profile picture as the account they are copying and use the same name. A way to spot these fake accounts is by viewing the number of followers they have, which will be significantly lower than the original account.

An example of a scam by an impersonator is this one. This (of course) is not the real Mr. B XRP.

What can we do about it?

Reporting these accounts has been difficult and frustrating. For every account we report, many more appear. Moreover, the people that are being impersonated can’t even see their impersonators.

This is about to change. This page will be showing impersonator accounts of infuential XRP community members and Ripple employees, so that everyone can block them. This way, these accounts will become useless since they won’t be able to comment and share the scam anymore. If you want to also report them please be careful not to overdo it by reporting too many accounts at once. At the same time, the users being impersonated should report their impersonators. Allowing your impersonators to impersonate you undisturbed is both risky and irresponsible. Personally, I had a serious issue with impersonators in the past. Dozens of impersonators kept coming back, even after I reported them and got them removed from twitter. After reporting/removing more than 200 accounts, they just gave up.

The handles included in this list are not necessarily trying to scam people (although many of them are) but are surely trying to impersonate someone.

All of the accounts that follow have also been added to this twitter list that you can subscribe to and use to start blocking/reporting impersonators.

Bank XRP:

Tiffany Hayden:

XRP Research Center (original account suspended by twitter…):

Alex Cobb:

Thinking Crypto:

Digital Asset Investor:


Michael B:


Mr. B XRP:


Wietse Wind:



DM Logic:

Jungle Inc:


Siamak Masnavi:

Stuart XRP:

Investment Perspectives:

XRP Veteran:

Working Money:

Kevin Cage:

The CrypToe Man:




Eric Dadoun:

Kieran Kelly:

Steven Bull From the Diep:

Nordic Ann:

XRP Yoda

Ripple employees


Brad Garlinghouse:

Emi Yoshikawa:

Craig DeWitt:


Jim Chauncey-Kelly:

Warren Paul Anderson:

Dilip Rao:

Ryan Zagone:

Marcus Treacher

Non impersonator accounts sharing the scam

Instructions on how to report

First, go to fake account’s profile, click the on the three dots and then select “report”.

After that, select the option “They’re pretending to be me or someone else”.

Then, choose if you are the person being impersonated or someone else.

If they are impersonating someone else, you will have to input the handle of the person being impersonated.

The most effective report is the one coming from the person being impersonated. Even if you are blocked by your impersonator, you can use this list to view the account and report them. However, you will have to provide evidence that you are the one being impersonated, like your ID. This is particularly difficult for anonymous accounts.

If you are aware of any more impersonators or if you have not been included in the list and you wish to, contact me on twitter @LeoHadjiloizou.


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