Q1-Q2 2020 XRP report: Survival of the fittest

In times of great uncertainty, nothing is to be taken for granted. The Covid-19 pandemic has proven that things can change very quickly. Large corporations or even whole industries can collapse while entrepreneurs with new innovative ideas have an opportunity to shine. One of the lessons that Covid-19 has reminded us is that humanity needs to and has the ability to adapt. Those that fail to adapt quickly become irrelevant.

2019 XRP Yearly report

With 2019 over, it’s always insightful to go back and look at past events and news. Even though the price did not reflect that, 2019 was a year filled with positive news, growth of the XRP ecosystem and foundation building from Ripple.

Swell summary for the XRP community

Swell is the annual event hosted by Ripple. It brings together the world’s most trusted voices across financial services, payments, technology and policy to share the reality of what’s unfolding in global payments today — and why it matters. This is a brief summary for the XRP community.