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PayID Developer Conference + Video

June 25

Includes talks by:

– Warren Paul Anderson (Developer Relations at Xpring)
– Brad Garlinghouse (Ripple CEO)
– Ethan Beard (SVP Xpring)
– David Schwartz (Ripple CTO)
– Michael Zochowski (PM at Xpring)
– Joe Huston (GiveDirectly)
– Alejandra Villalobos (Care)
– Peter Chasse (The Water Project)
– Alex Wilson (The Giving Block)
– Adam Traidman (CEO of BRD)
– Adam Zadikoff (BRD)
– Sergio Mello (Tangem)
– Sean Rolland (BitPay)
– Neil Hartner (Xpring)
– Alpen Sheth (Mercy Corps)
– Reza Bashash (Coinfield)
– Garrett Greenwood (Coinfield)
– Kevin Chou (CEO of Rally)
– Josh Williams (CEO of Forte)
– Chris Jimison (Head of Engineering, Forte)
– Aanchal Malhotra (Engineer at Xpring)
– Ian Simpson (Engineer at Xpring)
– Mayur Bhandary (Engineer at Xpring)
– Javier Romero (Engineer at Xpring)
– Keefer Taylor (Engineer at Xpring)
– Amie Corso (Engineer at Xpring)
– Ben Milne (CEO of Dwolla)
– Marisa McKnight (Liquid)

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