Bolt Labs, a company focused on anonymous payment channels, instant, cheap and private payments for everyday purchases, has received funding from Ripple’s Xpring.

The investment was announced by Danny Aranda on Medium. According to his article:

“Bolt Labs is building payment channel implementations using zero-knowledge proofs, blind signatures and commitments. Their solutions will bring scalability not only to privacy chains such as Zcash, but also to existing public chains where privacy is not a default capability. The potential for these implementations to be networked together with technologies like Interledger opens the potential further for cross-chain interactions with these privacy guarantees baked in. We’re thrilled to be supporting Ayo and the team by investing in Bolt Labs alongside Dekrypt Capital. We’re committed to fostering the evolution of Layer 2 technologies which will both improve Layer 1 capabilities and the development of additional layers that can support interoperability.”

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