The XRP community has been eagerly looking out for On Demand Liquidity (ODL) volume and new ODL corridors. ODL is Ripple’s way for RippleNet customers to use XRP as a bridge currency.

3 XRP community members, Mourad TOUMI, Labo-a-crypto-3.0 and XrPeace have created Utility-scan, a page (you can view the code here) that listens for potential ODL transactions (more info on how it works by Moncho).

And listen it did. Utility-scan picked up a few potential ODL transactions coming through the RUB (Russian Ruble)/USD (United States Dollar) and RUB/MXN (Mexican Peso) corridors. What’s even more impressive is the exchange facilitating these transactions, Binance.

Binance has added Russian Ruble trading only four days ago, with Changpeng Zhao (Binance’s CEO) openly stating in February that a partnership with Ripple would be of interest for Binance. Could these transactions be the first sign of this partnership, with Binance becoming an ODL exchange? Time will tell.

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