On August 6th, it was announced that Ripple’s Xpring invested in Equilibrium Connect.

The annoucement was made both by Teemu Paivinen (@teempai on twitter, Founder and CEO of Equilibrium Labs) and Danny Aranda (@daranda on twitter, Xpring).

According to the announcements, Equilibrium Connect will be focused on building open source developer tools for the Interledger ecosystem and working on the core protocol. Equilibrium Connect was birthed to support the ongoing development of the Interledger protocol and grow the ecosystem by building tools to make it easier for developers to integrate Interledger into their applications. Its initial roadmap consists of three primary projects:

  1. Open Source Interledger Connector — They will build and operate a multi-currency Connector (Initial support for BTC, ETH and XRP) and make all the code open source.
  2. Web Services — They will provide a simple web API allowing applications to interact with the Interledger network and quickly move funds between networks, shards or traditional payment systems.
  3. On-boarding — They will be designing and implementing an easy and compliant on-boarding experience for users across the network.

You can also find more information on Equilibrium Connect in this twitter thread by Teemu:

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