Banco Topazio, operating in the financial market since 2005, offers its clients easy credit, foreign exchange and investment solutions. Banco Topazio is part of the Correa da Silva group, formed by large national companies, such as Saque Pague, Good Card, Intercity, GetNet, Embratec (manager of the Ecobenefício and Ecofrotas brands).

It seems that Banco Topazio’s website operates a platform that has some relation to Ripple. Users (or perhaps employees or testers) can Sign in and access whatever the Bank is offering. This could very well be a test page.

The fact that Banco Topazio is working with Ripple doesn’t really come as a surprise since Lia Thomazzi Susin (FX Manager at Topazio) attended Swell back in November.

Banco Topazio was one of the Brazilian Financial Institutions to attend Swell, with Banco Rendimento, Frente Corretora, Banco Bradesco and Pontual Money also attending.

As Luiz Antonio Sacco (Ripple Managing Director, Brazil & South America) mentioned a few weeks ago in an interview with Reuters:

“Ripple‘s blockchain platform plans to expand partnerships with banks in Brazil in the international people remittance market by 2020, as demand for instant and cheap solutions in this sector grows rapidly.”

With Ripple offices in Brazil and On-Demand Liquidity coming to Brazil, we should expect quite a few more banks working with Ripple in 2020, both in Brazil and in the broader LATAM region.

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