Beaxy, an All-In-One Cryptocurrency Exchange that has been in development for the past 24 months, has now gone live. Users can now register and complete their KYC, while deposits/trading will begin in a few days.

Beaxy Digital Ltd, a company with headquarters in Charlestown in Saint Kitts and Nevis has developed the exchange in collaboration with OneMarketData, boasting 225,000 transactions per second per pair.

With more than 60,000 pre-registered users, Beaxy is currently live to customers in 43 U.S. states and 185 countries.

As announced a few months ago, XRP will be available for trading from day one with a BTC pair. The XRP/BTC Beaxy market has been added on our markets page.

The news first appeared on Finextra.

Reminder: Always do your own research before using any exchange or service.

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