BeeTech, a money transfer company based in Brazil is known to have partnered with Ripple to use xVia since February, 2018. Working with Ripple and Instarem allowed BeeTech to establish new corridors from Brazil to Spain, Italy, Germany, France and Portugal.

Remessa Online is one of BeeTech’s products, the first fully online international transfer platform in Brazil.

In December 2018, BeeTech was hiring an Operations Analyst in Sao Paolo. The position’s responsibilities included:

  • Maintain direct contact with international partners (remitters)
  • Operate the integration with Ripple (global payments consortium)

It seems that the integration has moved and now both BeeTech and Remessa Online (@RemessaOnline twitter handle) “Run on Ripple”. A tweet by Remessa Online announced that the have now partnered with Ripple to offer a new standard for remittances in Brazil, while sharing a video explaining how this partnership will help move the 300 million moved abroad from Brazil, faster, with more reliability and at a lower cost.

When asked if they are using or plan to use XRP, Remessa Online replied:

Great news for both Ripple and XRP!

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