In August 2018 Ripple introduced for the first time the term xRapid exchange partner. As stated in the announcement at the time “for xRapid to be most successful, there needs to be a healthy ecosystem of digital asset exchange partners around the world. These exchanges allow xRapid payments to move from one currency – into XRP – and back into another currency quickly and efficiently“.

The first three xRapid exchanges were Bittrex (US), Bitso (Mexico) and (The Philippines). Since then, Bitstamp was also confirmed to be an xRapid exchange in the end of year Brad AMA.

Since then, many exchanges declared their interest to become xRapid partners. Singapore based Bitrue, Nigeria based Quidax and most recently two more exchanges.

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao while answering a relevant question in his recent AMA mentioned that “nothing going on right now (with Ripple), but in the future will definitely want to add them as a partner“. Moreover, Gobaba, a UK based Turkish exchange when asked about xRapid mentioned that they have plans in the future.

It only makes since for exchanges to want to be a part of xRapid and its vast potential and it is anticipated that soon Ripple will announce more xRapid exchanges.