BlockQuake (@BlockQuake twitter handle) is a regulatory driven cryptocurrency exchange built on trust and transparency, based in New York.

According to its website:

“BlockQuake is a FinTech company, striving to be the NASDAQ / NYSE of cryptocurrency/digital asset exchanges. BlockQuake aims to be the industry standard amongst exchanges for global compliance and transparency. Our goal is to make the BlockQuake trading platform the go-to digital asset exchange for traders, retail and institutional alike.”

Moreover, the website continues to explain that BlockQuake will be the first major global exchange to:

“Truly tackle decoupling with multiple base cryptocurrencies with multiple fiats paired up against hundreds of cryptocurrencies.

Accept retirement and other trust and corporate accounts.

Be forward thinking relative to compliance in target markets.

Be truly scalable and sustainable for a rapidly growing market.”

What does BlockQuake have to do with XRP and Ripple though? On January 18, the BlockQuake team had a meeting with Ripple at their NY offices.

After this information got spread in twitter, the company’s CEO, Antonio Brasse gave a lot more information about the exchange. Some of the most important and relevant are:

“We’ve been flying under the radar intentionally for a year building up what’s set to be Binance and Coinbase combined on steroids and we’ve went unnoticed. And now about to go live in time for the LA summits (the week of April 8th). We’re planning on neither charging wallet withdrawal fees nor charging additional fees for custody via a qualified custodian. We’re trying to start there for the people. We started BlockQuake because we as traders were tired of being ripped off with fees that nickel & dimed us. We’re hoping to have 100+ listed on the jump, with at least 5 base cryptos paired against all of them (you already know which ones ?), plus 7 fiats up against those bases.”

It seems that BlockQuake will be using XRP as a base currency on its exchange with 100+ crypto pairs and 7 fiat pairs. The fact that they had a meeting with Ripple and spoke about a future partnership also speaks volumes. The community will have to wait to hear more, about the exchange and any possible partnership with Ripple.

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