BookMauritiusHotels, a leading travel platform for booking hotels in Mauritius, announced on March 4 that it has started accepting cryptocurrencies as a means of payment.

According to Chung Ji-Yun, PR Executive at BookMauritiusHotels:

“We decided to accept Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash because over the years they have successfully proven their place as valid assets in the online industries as a credible form of currency, and we are happy to implement a new payment feature which allows our users to book their memorable holidays in Mauritius with Bitcoin. We chose BitPay to manage our merchant processing because they make it easy and handle the entire process of getting the Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash from the customer and depositing cash into our account.”

Furthermore, according to the same announcement, within the next few days, the following cryptocurrencies would be accepted: LTC, ETH and XRP. Indeed, today on March 8 the company’s website includes LTC, ETH and XRP as payment methods.

BookMauritiusHotels has been added on our XRP ecosystem.

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