ChainFront is an API as a service company with a mission to help developers create useable, scalable, and secure blockchain applications. Their solution tries to solve security, user adoption and software development issues stemming from on-device crypto wallets.

ChainFront now supports XRP Ledger and Ethereum. As mentioned in an announcement issued on the 15th of February:

“XRP Ledger is at the forefront of blockchain development, with some of the fastest transaction times enabling real applications. We expect XRP Ledger to be one of the first public blockchains to go mainstream. Despite Ethereum’s well known challenges, there is a plethora of top developers and capital working on real applications against that blockchain. ChainFront’s API as a Service can now enable these XRP and Ethereum developers to fast track development while driving usability.”

You can read more on how the service works here.

Credit to ©️ONSPI ®️ACY_X (@PuppetMaster888 twitter handle) for the find.

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