Coinvest is a trading platform where you make investment transactions and redeem profit from your trades through a process that is completely decentralized and handled by smart contracts. Its an all-in-one investment platform, wallet, and exchange with an aim to become a one-stop solution that enables anyone to easily buy, invest in hundreds of different cryptonized assets, and spend cryptocurrencies using only one wallet and one coin. The company is based in the US.

Coinvest is a non-custodial wallet and derivatives trading market and Coinvest Plus, a secure exchange for digital assets.

According to a recent announcement on Medium, Coinvest and Coinvest Plus will go through some major updates, concerning fees, security, token support and some new features.

Coinvest Plus is an exchange for digital assets with an advanced order book matching systems that pairs trades between sophisticated and institutional investors, who require advanced tools and features to perform analysis and execute trades at higher frequency.

Now, in addition to Coin ($COIN), Bitcoin ($BTC), Ethereum ($ETH), LiteCoin ($LTC), Basic Attention Token ($BAT), and Gemini Dollar ($GUSD), users can trade several additional assets on Coinvest Plus, including XRP:

Bitcoin Cash ($BCH)
Monero ($XMR)
Dash ($DASH)
Zcash ($ZEC)
Qtum ($QTUM)
Holochain ($HOT)
Nexo ($NEXO)
GoChain ($GO)
Dentacoin ($DCN)
Daps ($DAPS)
Loki ($LOKI)

Each new asset will have a specific trading market alongside $COIN, $BTC, $ETH, and $GUSD.

Note: Always do your own research when using an exchange or service.

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