Everis, an NTT DATA Company, is a multinational consulting firm that offers business and strategic solutions, development and maintenance of technological applications and outsourcing services.

Everis uses the best business solutions to optimise customer relations and internal processes, while maximising profits. They combine these solutions with the latest technology to provide the best solution for every business challenge: IoT, blockchain, and EPR are some examples of the disruptive technologies which everis uses to drive digital transformation. Everis made a turnover of EUR 1.17 billion in the last financial year. The company works with 24,500 professionals across Europe, USA and Latin America.

Sep. 2017: Hyperledger and the XRPL

Everis works with Ripple and NTT on Hyperledger and also released an extremely XRP friendly presentation back in 2017, in which the XRPL is used as a global settlement mechanism.

Feb. 2019: Everis/NTT Data working with Ripple

Jorge Lesmes (Global Head of the Blockchain Banking practice, everis) did confirm back in February 2019 that Everis/NTT is working with Ripple.

“In the last half of 2018, at least in Europe, in Latin America, where some of these pilots and POC’s have progressed into production environments. For example, we ourselves, NTT, have been one of the first companies to build into production technology from Ripple on a retail bank to perform cross-border payments. Effectively letting users transfer GBP to EUR in any bank in the Eurozone or GBP to USD in any bank in the United States. That’s very real, that’s in the street already and people can use it. We are seeing that the technology is stable and mature enough and on the bank side, the risk aversion that we were seeing suddently is going away, and CTOs and heads of innovation are realizing that there is potential for this technology to be implemented into production.”

Dec. 2019: The most imporant companies in Blockchain/DLT

Jorge Lesmes also appeared in a more recent video, in a presentation he gave on Blockchain/DLT on December 21st. It was an excellent presentation on Blockchain and DLT with a few “nuggets” on Ripple.

In this presentation, mr. Lesmes showcases some of their partners, the Blockchain/DLT platforms their team has mastered. The screen is not very clear but we can make out Ripple, among a few others. He continues to say that:

“Those are the most important companies in the Blockchain and DLT space. If any company would like to start a Blockchain and DLT practice nowadays, those would be the guys that they would like to partner with.”

He then continues to talk about specific projects, again mentioning Ripple:

“We have done several projects using Ripple technology for doing cross border payments. Accelerating and reducing the cost it takes to send money overseas.”

Ripple is mentioned twice on that slide but its unclear what the second project they are working on is. It could have something to do with the nostro/vostro project he described but it is not certain.

“We have done corporate payments and treasury. It’s super important nowadays that banks don’t have a clear visibility of their nostro and vostro accounts and their liquidity position at any point in time”

Later, he also describes how a Ripple investor (probably Santander), did a POC with everis back in 2017 and how the company grew massively in only 2 years.

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