EvonSys was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Wilmington Delaware, with development centers opened in Sri Lanka, Australia, India, Singapore, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom. It provides IT services that enable its clients to enhance business performance, accelerate time-to-market, amplify productivity, reduce IT costs and achieve client delight. The EvonSys team team possesses expertise in building applications for Banking & Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, Retail, Warranty Services, and Telecommunications industries.

XRPcommunity member ₿ ⧫ ?〚₿〛 Ł (twitter handle @0NaMeLesSNesS0) uncovered the fact that EvonSys has been offering Ripple XRP integration, for some time now.

According to the EvonSys website, EvonSys offers a new way to integrate with Ripple XRP:

– Ripple, a payments network built on blockchain technology, presents a compelling long-term value proposition for all financial institutions seeking a global reach.
– Ripple enables banks to transact instantly and directly with any other bank partner around the world, optionally sourcing liquidity from a competitive market of third-party liquidity providers, with end-to-end visibility and confirmation of funds delivery
– Together, Ripple and XRP minimizes settlement risk and also eliminates the need for banks to collateralize Nostro accounts around the world, which results in lower total costs of settlement than ever before.
– Many banks that are seeking to connect with Ripple’s XRP system, are also working on digital transformation programs, as well as STP processing around many of these payment transactions.
– To solve this challenge, EvonSys has created a solution integrating Pega Smart Investigate 7.1 to Ripple XRP.
– SI 7.1 and the EvonSys’s Ripple solution combined, to deliver the Power to Simplify™ all forms of treasury investigations, across channels, transparently without any loss of context.
– Send a single reliable transaction or make bulk payments using payment channel directly from your smart investigate implementation or any other Pega Customer service implementation.

EvonSys even provides a screenshot, showing the usage of XRP for Bulk payments, between CommBank and Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Citi.

EvonSys seems to be working with Ripple since at least May 2018.

The list of Ripple tech integrators seems to be growing pretty fast lately (for example TCS and Mbanq) making Ripplenet’s expansion faster and easier.

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