goLance integrates the Ripple network and digital assets

by | Jun 14, 2019

GoLance is an online workforce platform that connects employers with freelancers based all over the globe. Based in Delaware, US. GoLance was launched in June 2015 by experts in global payments and was designed to make work life and collaboration better for businesses and the online knowledge workers they hire by providing a fair, trusted, and transparent global workplace.

On June 12, Paralect, an Information Technology and Services company, congratulated goLance for their 2019 Stevie Awards. Paralect is a goLance partner and according to their announcement they have:

Developed a solution to add the Ripple Network to the long list of goLance payment integrations. This will allow fast and secure cross-border payment solutions via digital asset.

In his speech, Michael Brooks (goLance CEO), thanked “their friends at Ripple”. Michael also attended last year’s Swell event.

Ripple is listed as a payment method option on goLance’s website.

We would like to thank ×-MächīnƏ-× (@9xMachinex9 twitter handle) for uncovering this information.