Instimatch global is a digital network based in Switzerland that:

“enables a diverse community of institutional borrowers and lenders to make valuable financial trading connections, securely and intelligently harnessing trades and data to put liquidity to work.”

This is a video explaining how Instimatch works:

According to R3, Instimatch is one of the solutions build on Corda and will work with the latest Corda Settler that utilizes XRP.

“Inter-bank trading in Intraday markets is made possible with our trading interface. Coupling the DApp with the latest settlement API (R3 Settler/XRP), we are able to offer the high speed of payments necessary for execution of INTRADAY trades. Our money market offering in R3 Corda is a highly secure, GDPR compliant DApp allowing Banks, Family offices, Corporations, Utilities etc. to exchange liquidity amongst each other. This DApp offers the modern alternative to voice broking and replaces our present, centralized database version which has seen a volume of over 1 Billion USD equivalent and 50 Banks are on-boarded.”

Debajani Mohanty, Consultant, Solution Architect, Advisor and Bestseller Blockchain Author has confirmed this on twitter.

She will be speaking at the Global FinTech Conference in India on the 23rd of February about “Blockchain for Money Market and intraday Settlement”.

This is surely a presentation that will be most interesting and hopefully this will be the first of many applications that will use the Corda Settler and XRP.

Note: The solution is still in “pilot mode”.

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