David Schwartz, Ripple CTO and XRPL co-founder, has been actively engaging with the XRP community for years. Always willing to answer questions on Twitter or Quora, David has been a strong link between Ripple and the XRP community.

Ripple’s podcast series: Block Stars

David Schwartz will now be hosting Ripple’s new podcast series “Block Stars“. Block Stars is a Ripple-produced podcast that shines the spotlight on some of today’s most innovative and impactful thinkers in blockchain from around the world. David shares a sneak peek of topics and guests joining Block Stars, launching May 5, in this introductory episode.

Each Block Stars episode will educate listeners on the basics of the technology, and share real-world problems being solved today, and what you can expect tomorrow. Industry topics like sustainability and the Bitcoin halving event will be discussed on the show. The podcast features crypto and blockchain technology industry leaders including Binance.US CEO Catherine Coley, BRD CEO Adam Traidman, and Berkeley economist Barry Eichengreen. The show will also be featuring Ripple’s own “Block Stars”, like Ripple co-founder and Executive Chairman Chris Larsen and VP of Global Institutional Markets Breanne Madigan.

The first podcast will air on May 5th. More details on the show will soon be announced.

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