Velocity is a US-based financial technology company providing solutions to investors in the digital asset markets. Through their products and services, they aim to develop an ecosystem that promotes deeper liquidity and offers investors a means to transact in these assets in a manner they would expect from existing, developed markets.

On July 9th, Velocity announced the launch of ShortHop, a digital asset platform. ShortHop streamlines the digital asset trading experience by offering users the ability to view and transact with digital asset listings on multiple global order books from one screen — with USD pairings offered for all listings on ShortHop. The platform is accessible in a public beta launch to California, Washington, and Illinois residents, with rollout to additional states anticipated over the course of 2019 in accordance with licensing plans. Users are currently able to acquire and trade BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, XRP, and XLM on ShortHop.

Important notice: This is not an advertisement nor an endorsement of this service. We have not used this service and we suggest you do your own research before using any exchange or service.

Credit to ×-MächīnƏ-× (Twitter handle: @9xMachinex9) for the find.

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