KogoPAY is a mobile payment platform based in the United Kingdom. With KogoPAY, users can send money to friends and family, pay bills, accept payments using QR codes. 

On December 4th, the KogoPAY official LinkedIn profile relased an update:

“KogoPAY Chief Executive, Dr Narisa Chauvidul-Aw attended a Blockchain event in Bangkok this week. We have been performing R&D in blockchain for 3-4 years and Narisa studied blockchain at Oxford University. “I find Blockchain settlement a fascinating area” explained Narisa. “It will be very interesting when China issue their RMB digital next year.” Narisa had a meeting with a licensed Crypto exchange company in Thailand yesterday. The company is going to connect using the Ripple system. “When the timing is right, we will explore in more detail the opportunity to integrate our system with blockchain technology. If the regulators and banks are OK with us, we may list both fiat and crypto currencies in our wallet.” There are now just five days left of our campaign and we’re increasingly close to our target. If you haven’t yet invested, we’d love to welcome you to the KogoPAY family.

According to the post, KogoPAY will be utilizing the Ripple system (Ripplenet?) to possibly connect with other Ripplenet members and for its cross border payments. We have asked KogoPAY to further elaborate on this and as soon as we receive an answer we will update this article.

Special thanks to @MasayoshiSon7 (twitter handle) for bringing this to our attention.

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