The Rational Group is a leading London based group of companies involved in financial services and payment technologies. Founded in 2005 by Rajesh Agrawal, Executive Chairman (also Deputy Mayor of London for Business), and Paresh Davdra (Co-Founder and CEO of Xendpay), the group has presence in London, Birmingham, France and Spain. Since inception, the group has processed more than £8bn in international payments in over 50 countries and had a turnover of £10.7m in 2018. The company has in excess of 180,000 registered customers in 60 different countries and just shy of 100 employees speaking 15 different languages. Its growth has been achieved organically and is independently owned by its two founders.

The companies that are part of The RationalFX Group include:

RationalFX – A leading UK payments & foreign exchange provider, launched to facilitate businesses and private individuals to transfer foreign currency either through a currency specialist or online 24/7, at highly competitive rates.
Xendpay – the world’s first Pay What You Want money transfer service, to democratise the global remittance industry and to help small businesses manage their international payment needs.

Despite the fact that there was a previous announcement back in September 2018, stating that both RationalFX and Xendpay were Ripple partners, it has now re-surfaced that they both “Run on Ripple”.

The Xendpay website mentions that its customers can send money to Thailand, Vietnam, The Philippines, Bangladesh and Indonesia and it “Runs on Ripple”. The company has created relationships with leading banks across all these countries to make it simple for its customers to send money to a bank they are familiar with. The Mobile Wallet transfer by Xendpay offers real-time credit compared to 1-3 working days with the standard bank deposit.

Both RationalFX and Xendpay have clarified on twitter that they use xCurrent and the Ripplenet.

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