Trident-arts Ltd has released the direct entertainment platform “RIGHTS” (@rights_dapp twitter handle) demo version.

The demo is estimated to end by April with the official launch of the platform.

Some of the features of “RIGHTS” mentioned in its whitepaper include:

  • Ownership data of digital contents will be engraved on blockchain.
  • Digital contents will be reborn and distributed as real digital assets.
  • It will act as an open environment to content holders.
  • Fraudulent distribution will be supressed.
  • It will create a social space for artists and fans to connect.
  • It will be able to convey the excitement of entire communities.
  • Organize live events.

So, where does XRP fit in all this? Within RIGHTS, users will use digital money, points and its native token (RIS) for all activities and features. Users will be able to purchase digital money only with XRP.

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