Less than a month after moving the Simmons v Ripple Labs lawsuit from New York to California, the case has been consolidated with the on-going Zakinov v Ripple Labs lawsuit in California. At the same time, the honorable Judge Phyllis J. Hamilton has taken Ripple’s motion to dismiss the fraud allegations under submission.

On August 6, a joint motion was filed to get the Simmons case consolidated with the Zakinov case. The motion was granted on August 21. Special thanks to Hector Acosta Carrillo for sharing the document with us.


As far as the Zakinov v Ripple Labs case is concerned, Ripple filed for the fraud allegations to be dismissed in June. Specifically, Ripple moved to dismiss claims four, six, and seven, in connection to the fraud allegations.

While initially August 26 was the next court date in relation to Ripple’s motion, the court has already taken the matter under submission, meaning the Judge will think about the case and reach a decision. If, however, the court decides an oral argument is necessary, both parties will be notified.

While we can not be certain that the Judge will reach a decision, it seems that a decision on Ripple’s motion to dismiss any fraud allegations against it and its executives will soon be made.

Whatever the outcome of this motion, Ripple will still have to face the rest of the allegations, claiming XRP is a security that the company failed to register.