Almost half of Ripple’s customers on RippleNet are based in Asia-Pacific (APAC). Ripple has strengthened its presence in the region by signing three more customers:

  • Sentbe: a money transfer service provider that uses cutting-edge technology to offer an easier, faster, and more convenient way to transfer money abroad. Sentbe focuses on the South- and Northeast Asia corridor, including The Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan and China, and saves their customers up to 95% in remittance fees over banks. Sentbe has also partnered with Ripple’s strategic partner MoneyGram, back in July 2019.
  • Hanpass: a company focused on simplifying the steps necessary for sending money in and out of Korea. The company enables its users to safely send money across borders without the hassle of creating local bank accounts in-person through a complex identification process. Hanpass makes this possible by providing its users with an easy and secure mobile identification process. 
  • WireBarley: a Fintech startup that provides mobile and online based cross-border remittance services in APAC. The company was an early pioneer in the Australian remittance corridor and has since expanded to other countries including Korea, New Zealand, Vietnam, Philippines, Hong Kong, Japan, and the United States. 

These companies join Coinone Transfer, a company that partnered with RippleNet for its retail remittance product, Cross—South Korea’s first blockchain-powered remittance mobile app offering fast, lower cost payments to nearby markets, including Thailand and Sri Lanka. Since launching in 2018, Coinone Transfer has experienced a 50% month-over-month growth rate in payment volume and was able to reduce fees by 90% compared to what banks are charging customers.

Sentbe, WireBarley, and Hanpass have been added to our Ripple ecosystem.

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