Ripple strengthens presence in Poland

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Currency One, a leading company on the online currency exchange market in Poland, has joined RippleNet.

About Currency One

Currency One was created as a result of the merger of the first social currency exchange platform ( and the first e-exchange office (, which enable fast and safe currency exchange. Currency One is the operator for both companies.

Currency One is trusted by over 700,000 customers who exchange tens of millions of euros, dollars, pounds, francs, and many other currencies every month.

Currency One joins RippleNet

Currency One’s participation in RippleNet was announced in October 2020. According to the announcement, Currency One had already processed its first orders via the Ripple channel at the time. Integration with this global network of payments and exchanges – RippleNet, will give Currency One’s customers new standards of money exchanges and transfers.

“For our current and future business clients, we are opening a new access channel to the multi-currency portfolio and the currency exchange and money transfer services we provide“, said Piotr Kurczewski, CEO of Currency One.

At the moment, Currency One participates in the Ripple network as an entity that provides settlement services to other network participants and sends multi-currency transfers in Poland.

In this wayparticipants of the RippleNet network gain access to fast multi-currency transfers to Poland. It is possible thanks to the network of our bank accounts in Polish banks”, said Bartosz Grycza, product development manager at Currency One. “We focus on standardization, which will facilitate the integration of partners, especially if they have already used or intend to participate in RippleNet”, he added.

About was launched in 2009 as the first service in Poland on the market enabling currency exchange via the Internet. It works on the basis of a social platform. Internet users set the rate at which they make transactions with each other. This form has been well received on the market, and Walutomat is a leader among online currency exchange platforms. It has over 300,000 customers who have exchanged over 55 billion zlotys in it since its inception. The website was the first e-currency exchange office in Poland to introduce pay by link payments in cooperation with Przelewy24. also enables, among others foreign transfers to over 40 countries around the world, or cash withdrawals in euro.

About, the longest operating online currency exchange in Poland, is a service that enables fast and safe exchange of 20 currencies. It allows currency transfers to over 40 countries around the world., and Currency One have been added to our Ripple ecosystem.

Santander in Poland

RippleNet’s new members in Poland will strengthen Ripple’s presence in the country. It was previously announced back in 2018 that Santander’s Ripple-enabled OnePayFX would also enable cross-border payments for Santander customers in Poland using xCurrent.

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