Ripple to reach Argentina through Paypal/TransferWise partner Nubi

by | Jan 22, 2020

Nubi is a startup based in Argentina, that was founded in 2017. With Nubi, users can buy or sell anywhere in the world without a credit card. It also gives the possibility to all people to access different financial products in a simple, safe, fast, and transparent way.

Nubi is partnered with PayPal and fascilitates PayPal’s transfers to any major Bank in Argentina. At the same time, Nubi assists Transferwise with its operation in Argentina.

Ripple has been focused on expanding its reach in South America since opening an office in Brazil and it seems like it has achieved that goal.

According to a Nubi employee (Product owner), she is:

  • The Product Owner and Business Analyst for the Transferwise and Ripple products (Remittances).
  • Dealing with the organization and leadership of Ripple Xcurrent project at a functional, technical and business level.
  • Working on the creation of Roadmap implementation, MVP, Canvas, ROI for the Ripple project.
Credit to mike91 on XRPchat for sharing this with us.

This is also confirmed by a second, former employee, who has also worked on Ripple while at Nubi.

Nubi seems to be on task to becoming RippleNet’s first member in Argentina. ODL in Argentina seems could be further down the pipeline though, with Bitso (ODL exchange in Mexico) set to expand in Brazil first. However, Argentina is part of Bitso’s roadmap and Bitso is quickly building to include Argentinians too.