On September 19th the Ripple website went down briefly, only to come up completely revamped a while later. The XRP community was quick to notice quite a few changes, with one being the customer list.

While the old website used to list 42 customers, the new site only includes 12. Interestingly, 2 of those 12 customers have never been mentioned before and are completely new to us: Interbank and Vitesse.

Interbank is a Peruvian provider of financial services. Currently, Interbank has 230 branches, over 1,500 ATMs and over 1,500 Interbank Agentes in Peru. According to wikipedia, in 2008 Interbank had 4737 employees and 14.57 billion Pen total assets (about 4.29 billion USD). This is the first known company in Peru to work with Ripple.

Vitesse PSP is a financial services company with headquarters in London and regional offices in The Netherlands. Vitesse provides cross-border payment services to banks and businesses via a globally distributed settlement network. Through a single integration, merchants gain access to domestic routing, leveraging lower payment costs and deliver payments seamlessly. It is registered as a money transmitter for HMRC (12833959) and authorised by the FCA as an E-Money Institution (900646) meaning not only can we make your payments but hold your liquidity securely.

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