Vontobel Investment Banking is a globally operating financial expert with Swiss roots, that specializes in wealth management, active asset management and investment solutions. It currently employees more than 1000 people and has headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland.

On June 6th, Vontobel announced that it has now launched a ripple (XRP) certificate for investors.

According to the announcement:

“Vontobel launches the first open-end certificate on Ripple in Switzerland and Germany. The newly launched ripple certificate is an interesting alternative to investing directly in the cryptocurrency and brings some important benefits to investors. With the certificate, investors participate in the performance of the ripple (XRP) without having to have access to the ripple network or a “ripple wallet”. Vontobel will take over this part as the issuer of the certificate. The participation certificate is also tradable on the stock exchanges, so that investors benefit from trading hours, market making, quality requirements, liquidity and settlement of regulated stock exchanges. However, investors must consider the Issuer default risk and the market risk (price risk) of the Underlying in USD.
Following the successful launch of the first Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ether Certificates and Mini-Futures on Bitcoin in Switzerland and Germany, the launch of the Ripple Certificate is yet another milestone.
With the launch of the certificate on Ripple, Vontobel is further expanding its range of products based on cryptocurrencies, once again proving its technological leadership and innovative strength.”

We are offering investors in Switzerland and Germany attractive diversification options, “said Roger Studer, Head of Vontobel Investment Banking.

This comes only a day after Ripple opened its office in Switzerland.

We would like to thank Markus Heitz (@heitz_markus on twitter) for bringing this to our attention.

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