BitBounce is a free email service that pays you for every message you receive from an unfamiliar sender. The company is based in Redwood, California and according to their website, the service is being used by more than 1,000,000 people every day.

The service is free and BitBounce takes a 30% fee from every email users get paid to receive. Users can use their existing addresses and get paid when an email comes into their inbox.

BitBounce is powered by the Credo cryptocurrency. Users can be compensated with the Credo token for every unfamiliar contact and cold email that goes through their inbox. They have the option to keep their Credo, cash it in, or trade it to Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies securely on our CredoEx exchange.

On March 7, BitBounce announced on twitter the addition of XRP on its exchange, CredoEx.

With this addition, users can now trade their earnings from paid email ads into any of the top 5 cryptos — BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, EOS — and more.

Reminder: Always do your own research before using any service.

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