BitoEX is a Crypto Wallet and Exchange service in Taiwan. Established in the British Virgin Islands in 2014, with R&D teams located in Taipei, Hong Kong, BitoEX Technology’s vision is to use blockchain technology to solve longtime drawbacks in the financial services industries. BitoEX invests heavily in security resources to provide the most stable and secure cryptocurrency transactions.

Users have been able to buy Bitcoin through over 3,000 convenience stores in Taiwan since 2014. With 250,000 members, BitoEX launched its international cryptocurrency exchange, BitoPro, in early 2018, and plans to expand to India, Singapore, and Malaysia in the near future.

According to an annoucement made on twitter, XRP has been added on its Taiwanese platform with TWD (New Taiwan dollar), BTC, ETH and USDT pairs.

This addition is most welcome especially since traders could only trade XRP/TWD on one other exchange, MAX.

Note: Always do your own research before using any exchange.

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