Bitrue, a cryptocurrency exchange based in Singapore, is renowned within the XRP community. Since launching in July 2018, Bitrue always had a focus on XRP, interacting and building a strong relationship with the XRP community.

One of the key advantages of Bitrue is the amount of XRP based pairs offered on its platform. Currently, it offers a staggering 51 XRP based pairs, along with a BTC, ETH and USDT pair. This Christmas, Bitrue will probably engage in the most massive listing event ever recorded for XRP, adding an eye watering 27 new XRP based pairs in two weeks.

According to Bitrue’s announcement, the 27 new pairs to be added are:

These additions will take the grand total of XRP pairs to 81, with 78 using it as a base pair. The amount of XRP pairs offered by Bitrue has led to a radical increase of the XRP volume traded on its platform, which at the time of writing is at 8.1% of the total XRP volume.

With such a volume it is no doubt that Bitrue has great potential as an ODL (On Demand Liquidity) exchange, as soon as fiat trading is enabled on its platform. Running an XRPL validator also brings Bitrue one step closer to the XRP community and the XRPL.

One thing is for sure, while Bitrue’s “present” will be pleasantly accepted by the XRP community, this is going to be a very busy Christmas for Bitrue’s team!

You can view all of Bitrue’s pairs on our XRP markets page.