Brazilian exchange BitcoinTrade (@ br_bitcointrade twitter handle) has announced on February 7th 2019 that it has added XRP trading on its platform, with Brazilian real (BRL).

According to an article on, XRP has become the 5th digital asset to be added on the exchange, after BTC, BCH, ETH and LTC.

“Ripple (meaning XRP) is the second largest crypto in both market value and trading volume, which in itself already reflects our interest in making XRP available to our customers”, said Daniel Coqueri, founder of BitcoinTrade.

BitcoinTrade joins 10 other exchanges that offer XRP trading with Brazilian real (BRL): BitInka, Braziliex, Coinbene, Coinext, Criptohub, FlowBTC, FXCbit, Mercado Bitcoin, Novadax and Omnitrade.

The exchange also plans to add BTC trading pairs soon, for all the digital assets currently trading on the exchange.

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