Support XRParcade

Our internally built subscription system utilizes the XRPL with support from non-custodial wallet XUMM. Subscribers can use the power of the XRP Ledger to support XRParcade and have access to our weekly newsletter and exclusive posts.

You can have access to our Supporter Section for as little as 2 XRP per week, and support XRParcade along the way. You will have access to our exclusive research posts along with our weekly newsletter.

Guide: Become a supporter

In order to become a supporter, you will first have to register on XRParcade. Make sure the email you input during your registration is correct.

As soon as you log in, you will need to connect your XUMM wallet in order to process your subscription payment. We will send you weekly payment requests for the amount you choose, which you can decline at any time to stop your subscription. You will have to click on the XUMM button from your profile first. After that, click on the XUMM logo and scan the QR code with your XUMM app.

You can then continue to edit your preferences by clicking on the steering wheel icon and the option “edit profile”. You can connect your social media accounts if you want (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn), choose your subscription level (2, 5, 10, or 20 XRP per week) and tick the “Sign up for our weekly newsletter” option. Bear in mind that the minimum requirement to receive the newsletter is 2 XRP per week. If you want to further support XRParcade you can choose 5, 10, or 20 XRP per week, but the content is the same. You can change the subscription amount whenever you please and every week you will have to approve the transaction from your XUMM app.

We thank you for your support!