Tipper – Earn XRP

The Tipper utilizes Wietse’s XRPtipbot, a very popular bot/app that is being widely used by the XRP community. The reason we chose to use the XRPtipbot is not only because it is already very popular but also because users can withdraw their XRP at very little cost and at great speed. Essentially, a user could earn 0.01 XRP by visiting one website and instantly withdraw it to his wallet.

Website owners can use the Tipper to attract traffic to their website or a specific page they wish to promote. They can set the amount of XRP they wish to tip, the frequency (tip every user only once or once every x amount of time) and the task.

You can view the Tipper’s source code here.

You can earn 0.01 XRP by clicking on the button below. You can come back every 24 hours and re-claim the tip.

Tipper: XRParcade
Amount: 0.01XRP
Task: None
Frequency: Every 24 hours

If you are interesting in running a Tipper to attract users to your website, to gain more followers on twitter, to tip users that register on your website, contact us.