This XRP ecosystem includes known companies and applications that are using or have announced they will be using the digital asset XRP. The image does not present all of the companies. If you want to view them all, scroll down to the table. If you have any additions or corrections you can comment below or let me know on twitter.

LogoNameURLType of organizationBase Country
000WebhostHomepageHosting Provider
1xBitHomepageBetting Platform
2syncHomepageHosting ProviderIndia
Advanced CashHomepagePaymentsBelize
AirVPNHomepageVPN Hosting
alfatopHomepageMobile top-up
AlphacatHomepageRobo-advisor Marketplace
AmunHomepageCrypto ETPSwitzerland
ANX ProHomepageWallet/ExchangeHong Kong
AnypayHomepagePayment AppUnited States
Arrington XRP capitalHomepageDigital asset managementUnited States
AsiaMTM GroupHomepageManufacturing, Trading, MarketingChina
Atomic WalletHomepageWallet
BCB GroupHomepageBroker and CustodianUnited Kingdom
BeachheadHomepageGameUnited States
Bitcoin SuperstoreHomepageMarketplaceUnited States
BitgildHomepagePrecious metals MarketplaceThe Netherlands
BitsoHomepageODL ExchangeMexico
BitstampHomepageODL ExchangeLuxemburg
BittrexHomepageODL ExchangeUnited States
BlockscartHomepageMarketplaceUnited Kingdom
Bronn TravelHomepageTravel AgencyUkraine
Bullion79HomepagePrecious metals MarketplaceGermany
Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union (ODL)HomepageFinancial InstitutionUnited States
CelsiusHomepageCrypto Backed loansUnited Kingdom
CenterServHomepageNetworking and Cloud managementCanada
CinnamonHomepageVideo streaming
CodiusHomepageSmart ContractsUnited States
CoilHomepageMicropaymentsUnited States
Coinbase CustodyHomepageCustodyUnited States
CoinJarHomepageWalletUnited Kingdom
CoinPaymentsHomepageWallet and payment processorCayman Islands
Coins.phHomepageODL ExchangeThe Philippines
Corda SettlerHomepageMoney TransferUnited Kingdom
Creative ClickHomepageVideo/animation ProductionsItaly
CredHomepageCrypto Backed loansUnited States
Crumbs AppHomepageAppUnited States
Crypto CoffeeHomepageMarketplace
Crypto EmporiumHomepageMarketplaceItaly
Crypto VoucherHomepageBuy vouchersSlovakia
Crypto Whale ClothingHomepageMarketplaceUnited States
CryptojauntHomepageTravel Booking PlatformAustralia
CryptopayHomepageWallet/CardUnited Kingdom
CryptopetHomepageMarketplaceUnited Kingdom
Cuallix (ODL)HomepageMoney TransferMexico
Eat me!HomepageMarketplaceArgentina
EdgeHomepageWalletUnited States
Elite CardHomepageWallet/Card
EllipalHomepageWalletHong Kong
EnterBillionsHomepageSpam Blocker
EO.FinanceHomepageFiat and Crypto WalletEstonia
EroscoinHomepagePayment Gateway
Euro Exim Bank (ODL)HomepageBankSaint Lucia
Evident ProofHomepageData Verification/Proof ServiceGibraltar
Ferrum NetworkHomepageInterconnectivity NetworkMalta
Frank & BeansHomepageMarketplaceAustralia
Intergiro (ODL)HomepageMoney TransferSweden
Game Servers TodayHomepageGame server hostingSwitzerland
GatehubHomepageExchange/WalletUnited Kingdom
GCBIBHomepageCrypto BankDubai
Giacobbe & Co.HomepageJeweleryUnited States
GobbillHomepageBill PaymentsAustralia
Helio LendingHomepageCrypto Backed LoansAustralia
HostBlockHomepageWeb Hosting ProviderUnited States
HostisoHomepageHosting ProviderGermany
HostwindsHomepageWeb Hosting ProviderUnited States
HubrisOneHomepageWallet/PaymentsUnited Kingdom
IDT (ODL)HomepageMoney TransferUnited States
InstimatchHomepageInterbank TradingSwitzerland
JNFX (ODL)HomepageMoney TransferUnited Kingdom
LavaVPSHomepageVPN HostingLithuania
Living Room of SatoshiHomepageBill PaymentsAustralia
Marketing EmpireHomepageDigital Marketing AgencyUnited Kingdom
Mental MarketHomepageMarketplaceRussia
MercuryFX (ODL)HomepageMoney TransferUnited Kingdom
Metal PayHomepagePaymentsUnited States
MileataHomepageWatch manufacturerIreland
MVIS and ITI FundHomepageCrypto FundGermany
NebeusHomepageWalletUnited Kingdom
NetellerHomepageE-money transfer serviceIsle of man
NexoHomepageCrypto Backed loans
NYDIGHomepageCustodyUnited States
OffshoreDedicatedHomepageHosting ProviderUnited States
Paid By CoinsHomepageBill PaymentsAustralia
PaybisHomepageCardUnited Kingdom
PaycentHomepagePayment platformSingapore
PayKassaHomepagePayment Processing Services
PexPeppersHomepageMarketplaceUnited States
PolysignHomepageCustodyUnited States
PPC ProtectHomepageFraud PreventionUnited Kingdom
PropyHomepageMarketplaceUnited States
RevolutHomepageCardUnited Kingdom
RightsHomepageDigital MarketJapan
Raised In SpaceHomepageInvestmentUnited States
SADAD (ODL)HomepageMoney TransferSaudi Arabia
SatoWalletHomepageMulti-accet exchange/walletUnited Arab Emirates
Search CandyHomepageDigital MarketingUnited Kingdom
Secure Trading GroupHomepagePaymentsMalta
SellyHomepageE-CommerceUnited States
SendFriend (ODL)HomepageMoney TransferUnited States
SesocioHomepageInvestment platformArgentina
SkrillHomepageOnline Payments/Money TransferUnited Kingdom
SnelHomepageHosting ProviderThe Netherlands
Sony CSLHomepageWalletJapan
Soulful EssenceHomepageMarketplaceUnited States
SpendAcoinHomepageMarketplaceUnited States
SpotOnHomepagePayment Processing Services
SSL DragonHomepageSSL Certificate MarketplaceUnited States
Suisse GoldHomepagePrecious metals MarketplaceUnited Kingdom
Swiss Crypto VaultHomepageCrypto storageSwitzerland
TapJetsHomepageTravelUnited States
ti&mHomepageIT service providerSwitzerland
ToastHomepageWalletNew Zealand
Toca CoffeeHomepageMarketplaceUnited States
TokenAdHomepageAdvertisingUnited Kingdom
TorguardHomepageEncryption Services
Transfer4cheapHomepageTravelUnited Kingdom
Transpaygo (ODL)HomepageMoney TransferAustria
TravalaHomepageTravel Booking PlatformGlobal
TrezorHomepageWalletCzech Republic
UltimezHomepageWeb DesignIndia
Upvotes ClubHomepageMarketplaceEstonia
Viamericas (ODL)HomepageMoney TransferUnited States
W.HamondHomepageJewelry StoreUnited Kingdom
WeMakePriceHomepageMallSouth Korea
WirexHomepageCardUnited Kingdom
WorldcoreHomepageOnline Payment Service ProviderCzech Republic
xCryptoCrashHomepageGambling site
XeedaHomepageWalletUnited States
XRP TextHomepageMoney TransferThe Netherlands
XRPL LabsHomepageTechThe Netherlands
XRPTipBotHomepageSocial Tipping AppThe Netherlands
YouHodlerHomepageCrypto Backed LoansCyprus
Hodl FinanceHomepageCrypto Backed LoansLithuania
BitSureHomepagePaymentsSouth Africa
TrippkiHomepageHotel Booking PlatformUnited Kingdom
AavePayHomepageBill PaymentsUnited Kingdom
SubscribeStarHomepageCrowdfunding United States
Celtic GoldHomepagePrecious metals MarketplaceGermany
BitBounceHomepagePaid email serviceUnited States
BookMauritiusHotelsHomepageHotel BookingMauritius
Antalya HomesHomepageReal EstateTurkey
PayGlobalHomepageMoney TransferUnited Kingdom
Trust WalletHomepageWalletUnited States
ForteHomepageGamingUnited States
BitfiHomepageWalletUnited States
XagoHomepagePaymentsSouth Africa
CryptolifeHomepageMarketplaceUnited States
Coin IslandHomepagePayment platformSouth Korea
B2BinPayHomepagePayment ProviderEstonia
Vontobel Investment BankingHomepageWealth management, active asset management and investment solutionsSwitzerland
Standing OvationHomepageEvent Service ProviderSwitzerland
PumaHomepageBrowserUnited States
Stark PaymentsHomepagePaymentsUnited Kingdom
Falcon Private BankHomepageTrading/CustodySwitzerland
Opu LabsHomepageHealthcare e-commerceUnited States/Japan
Velocity Markets IncHomepageMarketplaceUnited States
PayCHomepagePaymentsUnited Kingdom
Equilibrium LabsHomepageTechnologyFinland
BlockdaemonHomepageNetworkingUnited States
Cambridge Global PaymentsHomepageMoney TransferCanada
CoinMeHomepageFinancial ServicesUnited States
BitPayBitPayPayment processingUnited States
ChainalysisHomepageBlockchain Analysis
GoLance (ODL)HomepageOnline Workforce PlatformUnited States
TransferGO (ODL)HomepageMoney TransferUnited Kingdom
Nium (ODL) Former InstaremHomepageMoney TransferSingapore
TernioHomepageCrypto CardUnited States
BeeTech (ODL)Homepage
Money TransferBrazil
BTC MarketsHomepageODL ExchangeAustralia
FlashFX (ODL)Homepage
Money TransferAustralia
Interbank (ODL)HomepageBankChile
NetCentsHomepagePayment GatewayCanada
Flare NetworksHomepageBlockchain
Coinbase CardHomepageCrypto CardUnited States
Moneygram (ODL)HomepageMoney TransferUnited States
STYRA TechnologiesHomepageInterledger gateway providerGermany
Quantoz (Nexus)HomepageTransaction processingThe Netherlands
Salt HomepageCrypto backed loansUnited States
LuckboxHomepageE-sports bettingIsle of Man
BiKi exchangeHomepageCrypto Backed LoansSingapore
FinNexusHomepageTokenization of assets
RefundoHomepageTax refundUnited States
CrypteriumHomepageWalletUnited Kingdom
General BytesHomepageATMsCzech Republic
BelcoBTMHomepageATMsUnited States
Coin CloudHomepageATMsUnited States
Intermex (ODL)HomepageMoney TransferUnited States
Azimo (ODL)HomepageMoney TransferUnited Kingdom


Research_omega · February 23, 2019 at 9:06 pm

Very beautiful and so much great info.
Would you consider adding GSG to the list?
GSG @xrpcharities on Twitter covers 6 charities, and is a great part of XRP ecosystem

Joe Johnson · February 24, 2019 at 4:10 am

there’s no stopping, everybody will use XRP.

    Byron Lewis · February 24, 2019 at 8:37 pm

    It’s already happening. Just a matter of time before xrp moons!

Paul · February 24, 2019 at 5:56 am

XRP Can connect

Joot MBELE · March 19, 2019 at 11:06 am

I don’t see Artis Turba in South Africa,Centurion

    admin · March 19, 2019 at 11:47 am

    Hey, you can see Artis Turba in the exchanges section!

gareth · April 1, 2019 at 12:03 am

where are the banks

    admin · April 1, 2019 at 8:07 pm

    Ripple ecosystem

      Ketan Desai · April 22, 2019 at 5:42 pm

      Is really all these things happening with XRP? I doubt. Because, so far Cryptos are concerned a smallest positive news changes the price extraordinarily. Quite contrary XRP & Ripple are abundant with lots of positive news still no price movement. Some skepticism is prevailing. May be the billions of XRP in Escrows is the real problem. Do answer my query ADMIN.

        admin · April 23, 2019 at 1:15 pm

        The companies included in the XRP ecosystem are using or have announced that they will use XRP. You can see that various Ripple partners (banks or remittance companies) that use Ripplenet but not XRP have not been included in this list.

          Ketan Desai · April 23, 2019 at 5:20 pm

          ADMIN: Thanks for the reply. Do you find any apparent reason for dull behaviour of XRP price? I know it is difficult for you to answer, however if you have anything to share.

Tony Shine · April 5, 2019 at 1:09 am

No Ripple? 🙂

Conor · May 1, 2019 at 3:57 am

Hi All; is using XRP codebase . worth a look DYOR
I dont see the new and up coming Digital asset that will Revolutionize the gambling industry for ever. with transmission speeds in 3 – 5 seconds and KYC and AML done at the BRM stage.This coin lets it’s user go into any and all gambling establishments and gambling institutions from around the world from Japan, to Mexico, to America to Asia and back again. A team of the top trustees and advisors with expertise in digital gambling, casinos, land based casinos to the team and has been dealing with regulators from day one.
For more information see bellow. im glad i DMOR on the top coin in 2019. its up 100% in a week
My twitter account for lots more info on this coin and to see videos of the transmission speed it is amazing how fast casinocoin (csc) transmits from exchange to my desktop wallet all the way over in europe.
My twitter account
CryptoEri on youtube is just being introduced to csc. check out her youtube channel.

smellslike9 · June 12, 2019 at 10:18 pm

Holland and Netherland are the same country. Netherlands or The Netherlands would be appropriate.

    leonidas · June 13, 2019 at 11:22 am

    Yes, I know that. These were added on different occasions and I neglected to check if I used Holland or Netherlands in the older occasions. Fixed it now, thank you.

Grant Bowers · September 30, 2019 at 1:34 pm

Great website but I dont see any mention of SBI or moneytap

Yvette · January 23, 2020 at 3:19 pm

Your doing an amazing job putting all this together! Thanks so much!!! ??? XRP Bag Lady

Mark Young · February 1, 2020 at 2:54 am

BRD Wallet is another you could add to the list.

    leonidas · February 1, 2020 at 9:59 am

    It’s already included.

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